St Peter’s Church, Therberton with Eastbridge,

Theberton is a sizeable village strung out along the main road to the north of the town of Leiston. The church has one of Suffolk’s prettiest round towers, and loveliest thatched roofs.

Church Road, Theberton, Leiston, Suffolk. IP16

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St Peter’s Church, Therberton with Eastbridge,

Gargoyles grin down from the late medieval south aisle, a 1483 bequest by Sir William Jenney, but substantially restored, perhaps even largely rebuilt, in the 1840s by Lewis Cottingham for Charles Doughty.

Doughty was not only the rector, but also the wealthy owner of Theberton Hall and there are some interesting Australian family connections here. He intended it as a family aisle, in one of those 19th Century conceits which tried to imitate the pretensions of the medieval landed gentry. The relatively early date of the restoration might explain its rather jolly pre-ecclesiological gothicky feel.