Inside the Long Shop Museum Leiston Suffolk

Full Steam Ahead over Winter!

Since 8th November 2023 the Long Shop Museum, Leiston’s much loved attraction, has looked like a building site! Because it is.

Gipping Construction has begun the first of two phases of work to comprehensively refurbish and repair the Long Shop Museum site.

This first phase will last until the end of March 2024, after which the museum will open as usual.

The second phase will take please over the 2024/25 closed season, with the museum re-opening in April 2025 with all the work completed.

Securing a solid future

These extensive works are intended to secure the infrastructure of the museum for at least the next thirty years, and include reroofing the Long Shop, repairing and replacing windows, and installing an entirely new surface drainage system.

The project is overseen by our Heritage Accredited Architects – the rh partnership, in Cambridge – and the project has been funded by Arts Council England, Leiston Town Council, The Pilgrim Trust, the Garfield Weston, and Foyle Foundations.

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